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Vast range of dinghies to choose from in our store

Rowing, sailing as well as inflatables and RIBs are all reviewed. With our experience afloat we are keen to share with you our knowledge of dinghies. 

A dinghy to suit your purposes

Over the years of boating your purpose afloat will change and you will need the appropriate dinghy for the task.

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An Inflatable in all sizes and shapes. Whether to row or using the outboard engine, we have one to suit you.

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Sailing dinghies to suit all types - racing, cruising or day sailing.

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Traditional dinghies are loved by so many people. We have a range in our store to suit your needs.

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NEW BOOK! A Guide to the Ideal Dinghy

A selection of different dinghies are reviewed in this easy to read ebook. Once you have completed all the reviews you will have a clear idea of the best dinghy for you!

Dinghy Articles

Each type of Dinghy is reviewed and discussed in depth.

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The popularity of RIBs

More and more people are choosing RIBs to get afloat. Why?

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Sailing dinghies are very popular with all ages

A lot of young and older people love spending time aboard a sailing dinghy. Find out why?

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Traditional rowing dinghies are admired by so many people.

Wooden or Fibreglass dinghies designed for easy rowing are still sought after. Why?

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