All types of Inflatables

All types of inflatables


 Inflatables are a part of modern sailing and boating activities, whether on their own or as a means to transport you to a larger boat. Most can not only be rowed but also take an outboard motor on their transom. In fact most have been redesigned to have a solid transom in order to accommodate slightly larger motors than previously. All types of inflatables are discussed here.


Avon is a name that many of us have grown up associating inflatable dinghies with when we think of a rubber dinghy. An Avon Redstart was my first inflatable dinghy, it was 8 feet long and very well made. Throughout the years Avon have always maintained that excellent level of quality. They were bought over by their biggest rival, Zodiac some years ago. More recently the factory that produced Avon inflatables closed and now I believe they are made abroad. As with so many products, Britain no longer manufactures.

However, there is still a thriving secondhand market for Avon dinghies and you can find some by clicking here.

Classic Mark II C - Zodiac Nautic - Inflatable and Rigid Inflatable Boats

Zodiac inflatables were always regarded as the sports version of the inflatable family. Very well made and extremely popular. They are now the major player in the inflatable world. Not everyone regards them as the best but they do offer the best compromise for a sports boat as well as a tender. However, they are expensive due to the method of construction and the materials used. There is no skimping on quality with a Zodiac inflatable! If you would like to buy a secondhand Zodiac inflatable then click here for very good prices.

wavEco 230

The WavEco 230 inflatable dinghy Roundtail.
A Roundtail with slatted floor and outboard bracket. Popular with yachtsmen, as it can stow away very easily.
Features: Metal pin-style rowlocks • 1 pair of reinforced, jointed, anodised oars • 3 reinforced nylon towing eyes • 2 chambers • Outboard bracket • Foot pump • Repair Kit • Carry Bag (L101xW58xH34cm Folded)
Specification: Length: 2.3m x Width: 1.3m • Int Width: 0.68m • Tube Dia: 0.32m • Weight: 23kgs • Dimensions Deflated: 101x58x34cm • Max Load: 255kgs • Engine SIze: Max 3HP

This small – 7ft 6ins long traditional shaped inflatable is ideal for a tender. Getting out to your moored boat with this inflatable then stowing her away is fairly easy as it deflates to be compact. When loaded with two adults and a child it is easy to row or motor. An adult amidships either rowing or sitting; another adult in the stern either sitting or operating the motor and the child in the bow area, to make the whole outfit balanced and stable.  The materials are a high quality suitable for marine use. Buy this dinghy by going here

waveline 2.3 air deck

Rydal 2.3 sports inflatable with a solid transom to hold the outboard motor. Oars etc. included. Similar size to the previous inflatable, but in our view looks better and is better all round and in every way! Even the price is great value. 


  • Model: 230 Pro Airdeck
  • Super strong 3 layer 1.2mm PVC
  • Exterior dimensions: 230cm x 126cm
  • Tube diameter: 33 cm
  • Colour options of Grey & Dark Grey, Grey & Dark Blue, Green & Black
  • Attractive design
  • Air chambers: 2 with high pressure valves
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Equipped with carry handles + 2 carry ropes + pair of oar screw top rollocks
  • Weight: 24kg
  • Compact to store
  • Maximum user weight: 440kg
  • Rated for 2 adults
  • Self bailing drain valve
  • Motor power max 3.5HP
  • Approved: EU Category-C 
  • High quality materials
  • Hand made
  • Warranty: 1 year on productional faults
  • Included as standard: 1 x painted wooden seat, tough PVC bottom with 3 x painted wooden slats, 2 aluminium oars, 2 oars, repair kit and pump
  • Buy this dinghy now by going here.

Sportsboat layout with a solid transom and two cone shaped sponsons is the modern inflatable. 

Boatworld 330SL is a 3.3 metre inflatable dinghy (click here to view on ebay)

Boatworld 330 SL
Boatworld 330 SL model.
The most affordable of the range, this rugged boat is ideal as a Yacht Tender.
Colour: Vivid Yellow
Material:Dynex 3 layer PVC.
Floor: 5 Wooden floor slats. Quick and easy to inflate and stow
Inflated O/A Size: 335cm length x 152cm Width. Inside dimensions 210cm x 66cm
43cm dia tubes
Weight 34 kg.
3 Air chambers
HR quick inflate/deflate valves
2 x Sliding alloy seats
2.5-6 HP outboard recommended ( rated 15hp max )
Bow tow points
Whats in the box?
330 boat
5 floor slats
2 x Alloy sliding seats
Bow grab handle
2 Transom grab handles
Sponsom grab ropes
Alloy oars and rowlocks
Carry Valise
Foot pump
Repair Kit
CE RCD Serial Plate.

c/w 3mt mooring line

The Boatworld company has been around for a long time – 1969 and is based in Derbyshire, England. They have a vast range of boats and equipment available to order online. The inflatable featured above is one of the most popular dinghies they sell.

The Nautilus 2.0 metre inflatable dinghy is one of the smaller boats which make it compact to store. Suitable for two adults. At 6′ 6″ long it is ideal for the small yacht which needs a tender.

The Nautilus is one of the best performing inflatable sport boats on the market. Designed with 3 independent Air Tubes, plus an Inflatable Keel, made from the highest quality 1100D PVC fabric available, German engineered adhesives, and a Marine  Aluminium floor; its no wonder the Nautilus will going to be one of the highest rated and best-selling tenders on the market. This 2 Metres sport boat performs great with up to a 5hp outboard motor, and carries up to 2 people. It is capable of 12+ mph with performance handling unseen in other sport boats. When it is time to head home, simply deflate and pack the boat back into its carrying bag, toss it in your boot, and drive off. The Nautilus is an incredibly compact, portable and storable boat when deflated for storage. 

Colour: Grey / Blue

Length: 200 cm

Width: 158 cm

Weight of Dinghy: 28 Kg

Weight of Full Package (Boat and Accessories): 33 Kg

Max 2 person or 300 Kg

  • Premium Quality Materials: Nautilus is made with US Coast Guard rated 3x layer 9 mm / 1100D UV Coated PVC, and glued with advanced German engineered adhesives. Features durable marine aluminium floors.
  • Features: Air keel for easy plane. Sturdy carrying handles, stainless steel bow D-rings for towing your tender, additional topside D-rings for Bimini and accessories, self-bailing drain plug and Easy-Reach Grab Life Line Rope.
  • Included: PVC Hull, 3 Aluminium Floor Panels, 1x Aluminium Bench Seat, 2x Aluminium Oars, Carrying Bag, and Foot Pump, Repair Kit including adhesive
  • Performance/ Specs: Inflatable V-Shaped Keel for easy plane, 38 CM Diameter tubes for great stability while turning. Can hold a 5hp engine; achieve 12+ mph top speed depending on conditions.

As you will have noticed most of the inflatables are now made with coated PVC rather that hypalon. Hypalon is a synthetic rubber coating onto polyester or nylon fabric and usually with a neoprene coating on the back of the fabric. The rubber coating is very hardwearing and can last for over 20 years if cared for by keeping your boat clean and applying a UV conditioner at the end of each season. Hypalon is more expensive than PVC.

PVC  is a plastic coating that is known as polyvinyl chloride and is applied as a sandwich coating to polyester or nylon fabric. PVC is not a flexible material in its simple state and requires an additiveto make it pliable and to be utilised as a coating to the base fabric of the inflatable dinghy. PVC is the cheaper material compared with Hypalon.