Solid Rowing Boats to buy

Traditionally, rowing boats were solid not inflatable, but made from wood, usually clinker construction. Beautiful to row and look at from any angle. Fibreglass dinghies replicated these clinker dinghies and were almost as aesthetically pleasing. Solid rowing boats are naturally easy to row; they glide through the water with every stroke from the oars. Making your way across an expanse of water is almost effortless with a well balanced solid rowing boat.

rowing 2

Unfortuately, tradition clinker dinghies are rarely built nowadays and if they are they are extremely expensive.  A lot of work goes into building them! GRP versions are almost as good and thankfully more readily available and cost less money. (click here to view on ebay)


Arran Fishing Dinghy shown above.

These solid rowing boats are ideal for many uses on the water such as fishing. Although I live by the sea, many people I know like to freshwater fish in reservoirs, lochs and lakes. A small rowing boat is the type of platform they prefer to use to get out beyond the shoreline casting range. The boat is comfortable, stable and safe. A small electric outboard makes the perfect companion to the fibreglass or wooden dinghy. Two fishermen and sometimes three can sit with their gear and fish in peace.

Sea fishing from solid rowing boats has been around for centuries and is still very popular today. Fishing off the coast two people to a 3 metre boat is ideal. No danger of a hook damaging the hull and the movement of the sea is easily coped with onboard these dinghies.

Larger vessels sometimes prefer a solid rowing boat onboard to not only look good but also act as a lifeboat if needed. They provide another form of entertainment for the young ones when you reach an anchorage and they are looking to expend some energy. Its also a perfect way for young ones to practice their rowing skills using oars and rowlocks in the traditional manner.

For those of us that do not keep the larger boat in a marina but still moor on a swing mooring, these solid rowing boats are ideal to get from boat to shore. Then turn upside down and chain up until next time you visit the boat!

There are a range of solid rowing boats to chose from on ebay, please click here to view.